About Us

About Us

About us:

The first branch of our company was established in Riyadh, in 1977. Our company began to enter – virtually – all markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1980, where the company was able – in a short period – to build a chain of branches that reached more than 300 branches and points of sale within the Kingdom..

Our company is one of the leading companies in the field of selling coffee, nuts, legumes, spices, dried fruits and flavors; where our branches contain more than 600 items.

Our Policy:

“High quality is the basis” .. A slogan raised high by our company, starting from the selection of raw materials with the highest quality specification, culminating with filling, packaging, showcasing and in-store presentation. Our company tends to open specialized branches within the main neighborhoods in the cities of the Kingdom, in addition to the opening of new markets in all Gulf and Arab countries, and the establishment of a central factory serving the Middle East.

Our Goal:

Our company strives to win the trust of customers, by offering products that meet the highest quality specifications, at the right price; to meet the needs of our customers throughout the Kingdom.